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Workshop v’s Masterclass

What is the difference between a workshop and a master-class?

Yoga workshops are specialty classes where learning objectives are achieved through lecture, discussion, and practice. Workshops move from theory to practice, with emphasis on understanding the theory. In a workshop setting, the class may start with a lecture, there may be discussion about various asanas, the learning is very academic.

Masterclasses are specialty classes in which learning objectives are achieved through in-depth practice accompanied by detailed instruction. A masterclass is like an extended practice session, except the focus is specific, and the flow may break for comments and questions.  A masterclass class may start with a meditation, pranayama, or gentle warm ups and then move into an asana practice where the poses focus on the theme. The students would reinforce what they learn through their own practice.  The focused on action and experience.

General yoga classes often require students to focus on their own practice and go inward, holding discussion to a minimum. In workshops and masterclasses, students are encouraged to openly discuss the topic and even observe one another’s bodies and practices. Specialty classes provide a more relaxed learning atmosphere where students grow together rather than individually.

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