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“Really enjoyed being able to do these classes in the comfort of my own home, in spite of all the difficulties we’re all having to face at this critical time. Good to feel like we’re doing something positive and kind for ourselves. Helps to know, in spite of the fact we’re all facing life changing challenges, one way or another right now, that through classes like yours, we’re able to come together through the ‘airwaves’, to have some crucial healing spiritual time. Zoom is proving to be quite a wonderful life enabling friend. I am looking forward to continuing as much as possible.”


“These are the reasons I love my yoga teacher Lisa and continue to attend her classes and retreats.

She is kind and cares about each of her students, I discovered this the very first time I practise with her and continue to experience in class with her.

Lisa is very good at giving, I always receive something yummy.

The ambience of class is warm, welcoming, calm and seriously conducive to practising yoga. When I practise restorative yoga with Lisa she gets me into a position that is impossible not to relax in fully.

I love her attention to detail.

She plans what she and the class is doing and why.

The only way to determine if Lisa is your teacher is to come along.”


“Really love your classes and you have been so welcoming and encouraging .  Your positivity and the energy you give have been particularly helpful through some pretty challenging times” –  


“I have attended several yoga classes over the years, but have not felt the same connection as I have when attending Lisa’s classes. I enjoy the informative and intuitive way Lisa teaches and she conveys the true meaning of Yoga both within a community setting and in a personal one. Lisa teaches with kindness, compassion and humour. Lisa’s classes have taught me to believe in my body and more importantly my yoga practice. Thank you Lisa I am reaping the benefits in more ways than one.”


“Lisa is a great yoga instructor, she gets the balance just right – really informative, helping us all to work to our own capacity as well as creating a great friendly atmosphere.  My body and mind feel stretched, warm and relaxed. I forget how great the classes are until I’ve done one!”


“I’ve been attending classes held by Lisa for a year now. I often get to class feeling frazzled by the events of the working week. By the time class has finished my mind is clear and my body feels happy. The room is spacious and the teaching is great as if I can’t do the poses, or feel I can’t do it Lisa always suggests an alternative to suit my body shape. There’s no judgement, but there’s always encouragement in class and the occasional funny story or observation which makes us all laugh. £10 well spent and my body is telling me to keep on spending as it gets all creaky otherwise.”  


“The Sultan Palace is a pretty hotel set in an orchard and was ideal for yoga as It was off the beaten track. The food was simple, traditional and freshly cooked each day and we were well looked after by our hosts. The local wine went down a treat!  The yoga sessions were timed just right and we followed a theme which was complimented by Chakra reading cards and colours for reflection. We did restorative yoga in the evening sessions which was just right after a day on the beach.  The town was a short boat ride away and had a lively market. There were trips and excursions on offer for those who wanted to explore the local area.  I had a great holiday and thoroughly enjoyed the yoga. I would recommend it as I felt very relaxed and chilled when I got back home. Lisa gave us notebooks to record our thoughts and movements which I have found of benefit on my return and I am looking forward to my next yoga retreat.”  


“I just thought I would write and let you know how successful your yoga session have been for me.  It is no exaggeration to say it is the most organised exercise I have done in my whole life …. and I am well into my seventh decade.  Anything I have started I have given up after one or two sessions.  I found it particularly helpful to start with a few private sessions so that I knew what to expect.  I was able to express my fears and limitations and most importantly I was given confidence.  I find your approach very accessible.  You create a wonderfully supportive atmosphere where all the senses are smoothed and calmed.  You have patience, knowledge and a clear passion for yoga. As a result I feel i have made progress.  Just to say thank you.”  


“Thank you for the inspiring evening that you gave us last Wednesday.  It was lovely to see you again and to hear your talk.  Your enthusiasm for your topic was very infectious and you certainly have plenty of ideas and an impressive depth of knowledge.  Your slides were very clear and you organised your information well.  It was good to have an overview of the various strands of Yoga – something that can be confusing for the uninitiated. We all appreciated the chance to practice some Yoga breathing at the end of the evening. We were full of admiration for the way that you did not allow the problem with your voice to put you off and you created a relaxing atmosphere that led to a lot of networking amongst the audience to take place in the interval.  We received positive feedback from the audience who found the evening very interesting and enjoyable.  Thank you again for another successful evening.”  

The Enfield Center for Natural Health

“I love Yoga with Lisa!  I’ve been practicing with her for over a year now as I started when I was pregnant with my second child. Her antenatal classes were brilliant and I honestly feel that her weekly class really gave me the strength to have the successful, active home birth that I wanted! She’s supportive and really understands that everyone moves at different speed / pace. I’m really enjoying being back in her evening class having some relaxing, core strength building fun yoga!!”  


“I gave birth on Thursday night to a little girl, thank you Lisa – the straw breathing helped loads. Your yoga did me well during the birth, the midwives were surprised that I was handling it so well – I told them that it’s a magic straw. Thanks so much for all your help”  


“Since I attended Lisa’s workshop in December, I haven’t looked back. I really enjoy the classes and working on different areas of the body each month. Lisa’s  knowledge is excellent and she always brings her fun personality to each class as well as tips she picks up from her own learning.  The benefits are noticeable as I feel my flexibility has increased as well as my inner strength. ”  


“Lisa’s approach to yoga comes from a genuine interest in the practise, and this comes across in each and every session.  Her techniques and her teaching methods make a real and lasting difference, both physically and mentally. Lisa explains things very well and is very encouraging.  I really feel the benefit of the class.”  


“Lisa makes yoga enjoyable. She caters for all ages and ability. Even in a class, the personal touch is always there. Each lesson is different, even though the main theme may be the similar. I particularly enjoy a flow of movements rather than a series of poses. Lisa is everything a good yoga teacher should be.”


Saturday Morning Yoga

“After struggling with general spinal/ joint stiffness for a number of years I decided to take some action that didn’t involve going to the gym. I began a beginners yoga group with Lisa in May 2014 and have attended 1-2 times per week since. I can quite honestly say that even with my limited practice, Lisa’s classes have made a significant difference to my general flexibility and strength, as well as reducing my tendency to cramp and general stress. Lisa gives clear and methodical instruction and her classes are an enjoyable, invigorating and relaxing experience.”


“I have been attending Lisa’s classes for just over a year now and they have proved invaluable in helping to relieve a lot of stresses and bring a much needed sense calm to my mind. I have also noticed various aches and pains (e.g. shoulder and back) that used to plague me no longer do. And on top of this, I feel so much more agile and toned these days. In the past I have failed to stick to the gym, and various types of exercise classes, however I have had no trouble at all in keeping up my yoga classes and genuinely look forward to them each week. Lisa’s classes are very reasonably priced too (even more so if you sign up to her excellent loyalty scheme). I honestly cannot recommend yoga with Lisa highly enough. Thank you!”


“I came to yoga later in life and I can honestly say that having yoga session with Lisa is a highlight of my busy week. Lisa has endless knowledge and patience. I always leave my yoga sessions feeling relaxed and yet energised ready to tackle whatever life throws at me. I cannot recommend Lisa highly enough. She is truly inspirational and I am thankful that I managed to find such a wonderful teacher.”


“I have been attending Lisa’s yoga class for just over a year. I have tried various forms of exercise over the years but have given up after just a few weeks. However since I have joined the class I have found that Lisa has always managed to keep me interested and because of her I have developed a real enjoyment of this form of exercise, and definitely sleep better as a result. I always leave her class wanting more and looking forward to the next time. Her fun and vibrant personality shines through her work.”


“Thanks for making this a friendly and welcoming yoga session.”

Marius & Vanessa 

“I have recently come back to yoga after a 10 year break, and working with Lisa has been fabulous – I wish I had started years earlier. Sometimes joining a class with people that appear to have been there for a long time can be intimidating but Lisa’s classes are very relaxed and she makes sure everyone is comfortable and working at their own level. I have loved every minute of every class and would happily recommend Lisa’s classes to anyone interested in yoga.”



“I have been going to “Yoga with Lisa” twice a week for the past nine months. Lisa’s approach is intuitive and relaxed. She manages to meet the needs of all the individuals in our mixed and friendly group. She encourages us all and enables us to challenge ourselves to go further with our own practice. “Yoga with Lisa” has given me so much more than I ever expected, greater flexibility, better core strength, the elimination of long term back pain and an overall sense of calm and wellbeing. I’d thoroughly recommend Lisa’s classes to anybody looking for real quality time out for themselves. My only regret is that I didn’t discover yoga much sooner.”

Jenny R

“First of all, I enjoy the classes, it’s lovely relaxation after a hard day at work. But most of all, I don’t know if you remember, but a few weeks back I missed a class because I was away on a boys’ weekend. I do this every November, and apart from a lot of drinking it involves playing golf every day for three days on the side of a mountain and usually in freezing rain and wind (I know, it doesn’t sound like much of a holiday!) For the last few years this has been tough on my ankle and I come back to London hardly able to walk for a few days. Well guess what, this year the pain was much less, and I was pretty much fine when I got back to London. I was amazed, this was a real improvement. Not only that, but again my partner had been telling me I’d be more flexible which might actually help my golf – well it seems she may have been right because for the first time in 10 years I played great and actually won.  Maybe a coincidence, but… So that’s good, isn’t it?!!!”


“I started yoga a year ago, not for the first time, and truly believe the reason I’ve continued it is due to my wonderful yoga teacher Lisa. It’s taken me a long time to find a teacher who suits me, and I’m so appreciative that I have as it makes the world of difference. Lisa teaches us yoga is about the journey, and whilst I’m determined to bend myself into a pretzel there’s never any pressure and she provides a range of poses for everyone, whether you’re a beginner and want an easier variation or a seasoned yogi who wants more of a challenge. Her guided meditations give you a chance to reflect on your practise and relax. I always leave feeling relaxed, happy and rooted. Lisa makes you feel comfortable and empowers you from the get go. So, what’s stopping you?! See you on the mat!”


“I enjoy Lisa’s classes immensely. She is a very warm & friendly person, & is attentive to her students in class. Her yoga classes have helped me considerably in regaining my strength, flexibility & mobility after having my hip replaced 7 months ago. You CAN still do yoga after a hip replacement!!”


“I just wanted to say a massive thank you to lyds for introducing me to Lisa Hemming’s classes at the North London Yoga Studio. As well as being a genuinely lovely and welcoming person, Lisa brings an air of lightness to all her classes. I can’t believe how far I’ve progressed my practice in just a few months….It’s great to have this quality of class on our doorstep”

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