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What is Cacao?


Theobroma Cacao, translated as “food of the gods” is a beautiful and gentle heart opening medicine originating in the jungles of South America and Africa, and has been used in ceremony by the indigenous people for millennia.

Cacao is truly a love medicine and has a whole raft of physical, mental, and spiritual benefits to help us return to homeostasis and align with who we naturally should be.

On a physical level, Cacao is packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. In fact, it has 4 times the antioxidants of goji berries, 15 times that of blueberries and 80 times that of green tea. It also is rich in magnesium to help with metabolism, tiredness and fatigue, potassium to help with blood pressure, flavonoids to maintain blood vessels and blood flow and so much more.

To support us mentally, Cacao is a natural antidepressant. Magnesium and potassium help to relieve stress and anxiety and it also contains a powerful mix of natural compounds that help with serotonin, endorphins and phenylethylamine, a compound humans produce when in love.

It’s truly magic lies in its spiritual benefits. Cacao is a heart opener. When used either daily or at a higher dose in ceremony it is an amazing healing, nurturing and guiding medicine. It is said that when the world is off centre, the spirit of Cacao leaves the jungles to help bring peace and harmony back to humanity and its rise in popularity recently really shows this. The beauty of this medicine is its ability to hold us in a warm embrace whilst we process emotions and situations in order to release and return to a state of more love, joy, compassion and forgiveness for us, those in our lives and the world as a whole.

Drinking Cacao really is a loving thing to do for your mind, body and spirit.

Join me on Saturday 21st May for an afternoon of meditation, reiki and cacao.

Investment £35 (early bird before 1st May) £40 thereafter.

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