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The benefits of antenatal yoga.

I started teaching pregnancy yoga classes in order to be able to pass on the benefits of yoga to mum’s and mum’s-to-be!

The three most beneficial reasons for pregnant ladies to participate in pregnancy yoga classes are

  • Allows time for Mum and baby to bond
  • Breath work is beneficial for child- birth and the meditation for later months.
  • Improved postures generally, with a greater understanding of the pelvis for optimal foetal positioning.

My favourite part of teaching antenatal yoga is that I am able to see the benefits to the ladies immediately. The Mums-to-be come out of class having learnt something which they have reaped the benefits of and also feel relaxed and ready for the rest of their day/evening.

Having spent time in one of my antenatal classes Mums-to-be, walk away having spent the time connecting with their baby and having listened to their bodies. They have learnt something that will help them during their pregnancy and child birth.   A particularly important part of the class is connecting with other Mum’s and sharing experiences, which is really beneficial for first time Mum’s.

Five words which best describe my antenatal classes

  • Empowering,
  • Invigorating,
  • Educational,
  • Relaxing 
  • Beneficial.

My advice to any lady who is considering attending a pregnancy Yoga class would be

  • No previous Yoga experience is necessary to attend a pregnancy Yoga class as it is suitable for beginners and all other levels.
  • Wait until you are 14 weeks before attending a pregnancy yoga class and ensure that you inform your health professional of your attendance.
  • Clothing should be loose and comfortable to keep you cool and it is preferred that you practise in bare feet to avoid slipping.
  • Bring a bottle of water and take smalls sips. It is ok to eat a healthy snack before class if you heaven’t eaten for several hours. Try not to eat a meal one or two hours before class.
  • Listen carefully to your body, it is often the best guide of what you can or cannot do.
  • If you feel any discomfort, stop. It is better not to hold standing positions for too long.
  • Particular attention should be paid to the pelvic floor awareness during postures and breathing practise.
  • Be gentle with yourself and enjoy your practise.

Further information can be found in the downloads – General information for pregnant ladies doing yoga & the pregnancy questionnaire.

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