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New Beginnings

Lateral stretch

In the yoga philosophy teachings, Patanjali’s yoga sutras begin with

“and now, the teaching of yoga begins”. PYS I.I

This tells us that it doesn’t matter what has come before this is where we start. It is a constant reminder that each time we get onto our mat we are starting again. We remain present, we practise with our bodies and how they are today; it doesn’t matter what happened before. Can we experience our practice in the moment?

We are at the beginning of a new period, the start of the Zodiac Year: clocks have moved forward and we have passed the Spring Equinox. Outside, and all around us, we see the signs of new life, green shoots on plants and trees, lambs being born and birds nesting.

A butterfly starts its life as a caterpillar, before becoming a chrysalis and emerging as a beautiful butterfly.

Try something new, feel the butterflies in your belly. You never know you might even like it!

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