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Muladhara Chakra

Muladhara Chakra is situated at the base of the spine.  The translation of the the sanskrit word Muladhara means root or central support.

This chakra anchors us and grounds us in our existence.  There is a sense of stability in the body and mind.  A feeling of being centred and trusting in one ability to cope.  A strong sense of well being.

Think of a tree rising up in the sky, it can only stand strong due to its roots which anchor and sink deep into the ground supporting the trees growth.

Many of us are not grounded, we live our lives in our heads, preoccupied with the outside world. People who knocks things over or drops things have a lack of body awareness,  this means that they are not  centred in their bodies and could be a sign that the root chakra needs some energy.  Other signs of depleted  root chakra energy are tiredness, exhaustion and general weakness.

This chakra is dominated by the colour red, representing life, strength, vitality, fire and energy.

Muladhara connected to the earth element.  It is from being grounded in this energy centre that we are able to work on ourselves with energy.


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