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Hip Hips Hooray

Figure 4 stretch

Hip Hips Hooray

Hip openers stretch muscles around the hip joints and pelvis, hamstrings, inner thighs, groin and abdomen.  These muscles can be tight from all the sitting which can lead to lower back pain, a misaligned spine, and poor mobility.  By stretching and strengthening these muscles, we will be able to move more freely and comfortably and have more mobility and range of motion in daily life.

Hip openers improve circulation, flexibility, and range of movement in the hips, legs and back.  Posture is improved, balance is increased, stress is reduced and mental health and overall well-being are promoted.  They complement other forms of exercise such as running, cycling and aerobics.  Tight hips can limit progress in yoga asanas.

Muscles around the hips hold onto a lot of negative emotions: anger, fear, anxiety, and worry.  When we hold these emotions, they take over our lives and affect every aspect.  Opening the hips lets go of these emotions.  If you notice emotions bubbling up just take a moment to notice, but most importantly allow yourself to feel.  Breathe and release.

Hip openers are said to release emotions.  They are said to activate the second energy centre in the body around the pelvis, svadhisthana chakra.  This is the area of creativity and self-expression.  The element associated with this area is water, which represents the emotions.  Because water moves, we are encouraged to move with the current of life.  We allow ourselves to feel when we open the hips.

So be ready to release and feel into your hips.

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