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Fountain of Youth

Fountain of Youth

The Five Tibetan Rites

Are a series of 5 quick and simple kriyas (cleansing practices/exercises) repeated up to 21 times.

The emphasis is on a continual sequence of movement focusing on flexibility in the spine.  Recent research suggests that the flexibility of our spines predicts the flexibility of our arteries (to keep our arteries in a youthful state, hence why the practise is sometimes called the fountain of youth).

Each rite combines deep breathing and movement they work in conjunction with one another.  The full practice brings a new rhythm into our lives.  Thought to work on energy centres within the body, they help restore the normal spin and vibrancy.  If done properly and with breath and intent, the rites can bring about great change in the body and mind.

It’s said practising the Five Tibetan Rites will help you live a long, healthy, vigorous life similar to the Tibetan Monks.

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