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When we say “Ether” words like space, or vast openness,  come to mind.

Akasha is the Sanskrit word for Ether, and it means having a cavity with the freedom to move.  This describes our yoga practice: we give our bodies the freedom to move in asana, pranayama and meditation.

This element is related to various actions like

  • expansion,
  • vibration,
  • non-resistance;

These are often felt in our yoga practice.  Sometimes we may not notice it and at other times we do feel sensations in our bodies.

The qualities of Ether are

  • clear,
  • light,
  • subtle and
  • immeasurable.

The sense associated with the ether element is sound and the sensory organ is the ear as it is hollow and transmits sound waves.  Whenever there is compactness of molecules, we get a dull sound or tapping but when there is a cavity or hollow space, we get a resonant sound.

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