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Anja Chakra

This chakra or wheel of energy is located at the third eye:  the space at the eyebrow centre.  It is the home of intelligence: physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.  It isn’t about being clever; it’s about our ability to connect to our bodies and feelings.

All the elements combine at the third eye to complete the perception of ourselves and the world around us.  This creates the conditions for intuition and the creative leap into the unknown.

“Ajna” means to perceive; it is connected to our sixth sense, instinctively knowing what seems mysterious but is somehow right.

The colour associated with this chakra is indigo, the deep purple of the night sky.

Chanting the sacred sound of “OM” helps to open the third eye, stimulating creativity and awareness.  This sound connects all things, bringing the light of the cosmos into the body.

We are moving beyond the physical body to the realm of light, the subtle element associated with this chakra.

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