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Vishuddhi Chakra

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Sunday 18th October


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“Vishuddha” means purification in relation to sound.

The throat chakra lies in the base of the neck area – the dip where the collar bones meet. It is concerned with the voice: speaking, chanting and singing. The throat chakra gives energy to the voice. The voice is a miraculous aspect of humanity, allowing communication and creativity. The more our throat chakra is balanced the purer our communication can be with each other.

The word inspiration is derived from the Latin verb “spirare” which means “to breathe”. Breath is drawn into the body through the throat chakra on its way to inflate the lungs. Breath is vitally connected to the throat chakra energy, which in turn feeds creative expression.

When we are stressed or emotionally frustrated our throat often feels tight and we feel as if we can’t breathe. It is as if we are unable to express what we really want to say or maybe we say something we later regret. This causes stress in the throat chakra that will need to be released.

Chanting of sacred sounds in an effective way to heal, balance and support this chakra.

This chakra is deeply connected with self-expression. Each one of us is unique; we all have something to say.

The colour of the throat chakra is blue, a deep sapphire. This is a change of vibration into a much cooler tone, having a more subtle and soothing effect.

The element associated with the throat chakra is ether; it is the first level beyond the physical body.

To keep this chakra open and working well, it is important to be open and clear in the way you relate to others and express your own truth.