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Tradition of Yoga

In the spirit of Yoga with Lisa, December is the month that we explore unselfish actions and service. This is one of the paths of yoga described in the Bhagavad Gita –

Karma Yoga

This Hindu spiritual text, is a manual for how to live life, teach and practise yoga; conquer thoughts and be patient.  It teaches that whatever path we are on and wherever we are on that path it’s ok.

Karma Yoga may be described as trying one’s best without being attached to the outcome; considering all options, and then choosing the right one.  It is the path of unselfish action which in turn is thought to purify the mind.

“No effort ever goes wasted, there is no failure.”

In the West, Karma is often  thought of as “what goes around comes around” which  is very different from the Eastern view of one’s actions not being based on personal desires/rewards.  Our ordinary actions are performed to nourish the universe that has nourished us.

I find this theme particularly helpful as the Christmas season approaches and we can become caught up gifting presents and being disappointed when we don’t always receive what we may want.


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