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The use of props in Yoga

Props in Yoga

Photo Credit: Chrissy Woods


The use of yoga props is a form of ahimsa, the yogic practice of non-violence.

The body likes soft furnishings and yoga props help us to find ease in our bodies and stillness in our yoga poses.  Props help make inaccessible yoga poses achievable, while avoiding injuries.   Props allow us to understand the pose and help the body to increase in flexibility and improve in strength.

Props can help assist with

  • alignment in asana
  • holding poses for longer
  • giving support which helps the muscles to relax
  • allowing people with injuries to continue their practice though correct alignment

Props offer multiple benefits

  • increasing/decreasing stretch in specific areas
  • creating length and space
  • increasing comfort – when the bones feel support, the muscles can relax.
  • allowing muscles that you didn’t even know were engaging to relax because of the support
  • the mastering of fears.

Some examples:

  • the fear of falling in headstand can be eased by using a wall. Then when use of the wall is continued it helps develop
  1. stability of mind and body
  2. poise and concentration – enabling the mind to draw inwards
  3. objectivity and humility – a step on the journey towards the self.
  • the yoga strap (belt) has an ancient history depicted in temple sculptures and described in manuscripts since ancient times.

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