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Jala – Water

Water is also known as Jala or Apa.

Whenever we think of the qualities of water,  words like liquid or fluid come to mind.  Its main attributes are cohesiveness and adhesivesness.

The element of water exhibits qualities like

  • Coolness
  • Liquidness
  • Softness
  • Sliminess

Water has the important quality of binding;  it is a binding force which helps in forming different structures. In the body it binds two cells.  When we see dry soil, we cannot make a ball out of it.  But if we add water to the soil, then we can easily make mud balls.

The sense associated with the water element is taste.  The sense of taste or the ability to taste depends on the moisture that exists within the mouth in the form of saliva.  A dry mouth along with a dry tongue is unable to give a sense of taste.

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