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Air – Vayu

Air is the great element that shows a sense of movement.  It is known in yoga as Vayu.

Air’s main action is to initiate or direct motion of any kind.  It provides the body with its motion.  Keeping the vayus in the body moving well  is the key to caring for ourselves (it is what I am exploring on yoga retreat this year).

Air is

  • mobile,
  • dry,
  • light,
  • cold and
  • subtle in nature (can’t be seen or touched).

Whilst we cannot see or touch Air, it is a powerful force of nature having a profound effect on the world around us.

The sensory organ related to the air element is the skin.  Skin is very sensitive to detecting any movement, change in pressure or vibration in subtle form.  Any movement against the skin can be easily registered.  Therefore the sense of touch is associated with this element.

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